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Peaceful Resolution

is Possible

Christina L. Scott, J.D., Founder and Executive Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Covenant Mediation Services. You've made the first steps toward resolution by considering Mediation as a means to settle your dispute. 

I've been professionally mediating since 2006 and have mediated more than 2,200 cases in the areas of contracts, injury, telecommunication, business dissolution, banking, medical malpractice, tax appeals, personal property, and all issues related to divorce and custody.  My diversified experience in the legal, corporate, dispute resolution, and real estate industries enables me to bring a well rounded perspective and wealth of knowledge to your issue. 

I have witnessed the impossible happen in mediation, and I'm still amazed at what can be accomplished through the processes of negotiation, compromise, and creativity!   I will take the time to listen to the issues without judgment and assist you in asking for the things most important to you or your business.  My goal is to empower you to be "forward thinking" and to understand the realities involved in your case. 


In each of my professional careers, I've always enjoyed working with people, whether it was teaching Business Law, Corporate Sales, or Negotiation.  One thing I've learned through these experiences is that every need is important to the individual expressing it.  I will take the time to help you explore these needs and to present them in a way that they'll be heard.  I will work with you to find innovative and creative solutions to resolve the conflict.  Please contact me if you have questions about mediation, and I look forward to working with you and your clients very soon. 

Education & Organizations
  • Juris Doctor, University of Florida, Levine College of Law

  • Registered Mediator & Arbitrator, Supreme Court of Georgia, Office of Dispute Resolution

  • Board Member, Commission on Georgia Child Support 

  • Former Adjunct Professor, Perimeter College at Georgia State University

  • Former Consumer Arbitrator, BBB of Metro Atlanta

  • Over 100 hours of mediation and conflict resolution training

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent, Georgia Real Estate Commission

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