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The Benefits of Mediation

Why should you choose professional mediation? 

Cost savings

Mediation is less expensive than a typical lawsuit.  The fees for mediation are significantly less than most trial costs.  Combined with the much quicker turnaround, you'll pay less money over a shorter period of time. 

Time savings

Mediation typically only takes days or weeks, whereas lawsuits can take months or years.   

A fair and efficient process

The good mediator is the guardian of fairness of the process and protects the integrity of the process.

A confidential process: Unlike court cases which are public, mediation is confidential, which means any statements made or documents generated during mediation cannot be used later or revealed. 

A neutral highly skilled at resolving disputes

A good mediator has been formally trained in dispute resolution and will be registered with the State. This means that they follow certain ethical guidelines. A mediator will generally have many years of experience strictly doing mediation. They will have no interest in the outcome of the case, nor will they favor one side over the other.


Parties can be as creative as they want to be in mediation. Parties may agree on a resolution that the court would not suggest.  Courts are not always creative and are generally more traditional.  Mediation allows the parties to create a resolution that will work for them.  

Potential of preserving relationships

Mediation can often help to preserve relationships, business and personal, that would likely be destroyed through years of litigation. 

Empowerment and  Self-Determination

In mediation the parties are in control. The parties have a much greater say in negotiations and greater control over the outcome. Because of this, compliance with mediated cases are generally higher than with litigated cases.

As you can see, mediation is certainly worth a try!  Resolution is not guaranteed in mediation.  But considering the benefits it provides, it's usually worth the time and effort of the parties.  Litigation can be a real headache, and a favorable result is not guaranteed here either!  So, you'll have to ask yourself what makes the most sense?  Heading straight to the courthouse or to mediation?  If your case is already filed, let your attorney or the court know you want to try mediation before proceeding. Most courts will allow you to do so as they already understand the benefits of mediation.  At Covenant Mediation Services we will work hard to assist disputing parties in reaching a peaceful resolution.  

Video Conferencing or Virtual Mediation
Video Conferencing or Cloud mediation is a great option for parties who wish to get the same great benefits of mediation, but without the face-to-face meeting.  Virtual mediation offers clients flexibility and convenience directly from their office or home without the hassle of traffic or parking.  Parties will need access to a computer or electronic device with a camera and a secure WiFi connection.  All the steps of the mediation process are present in the virtual format.  Parties are able to still caucus with the mediator in confidence by using virtual caucus rooms.  All other confidentiality aspects of the mediation are safeguarded and maintained throughout the process.  Please see our Blog for additional information on virtual mediation by clicking the  Blog tab above.
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