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Contracts and Business Mediation

We have mediated various types of contract and business disputes involving claims over:

  • Insurance Policy Coverage

  • Leases 

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Debts

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

Conflict is common in business.  It might be a written or verbal contract dispute, a dispute over debt owed, or perhaps a conflict within your labor force.  You might need a “divorce” from a  business partner and friend.  Perhaps an insurance company is denying coverage for property damage.  You and the opposing party or parties may see only one path going forward: a long, expensive, public, and mentally taxing litigation process.  But, did you know that Mediation is another option?  Mediation is perhaps the quickest and most cost effective way to resolve all of these types of disputes.  It may also help to preserve important business relationships and save you the headache of starting over with new partners.  


Consider the situations mentioned above.  In a business divorce, a Mediator can assist the “divorcing partners” in determining all the important terms of the buy-out including price, time frame, and non-compete requirements.  In a contract or debt dispute, a Mediator can help both parties negotiate and decide whether or not to continue a business relationship.  Resolution in mediation can happen much faster than filing a case with the court.  For some cases it can take up to 2 years before you get a court date.  Why wait?  Try mediation as your first option instead and have input into your resolution.

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