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Virtual Negotiation & Conflict Coaching 

Conflict Coaching

Have you ever been involved in  a dispute with someone but didn't know how to start a conversation about the resolution of the matter? We can help you have these conversations effectively with our conflict coaching service.  Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one process where we help individuals gain the confidence and competence to engage with interpersonal or business conflicts. We can help you individually build the skill and strategy needed to be successful in resolving conflict in your life.


Virtual Negotiation

Virtual Negotiation is the process of helping parties resolve conflict through individual conversations, emails, phone calls or face to face meetings. In a virtual negotiation, parties do not meet as they would in a mediation. The neutral works with all parties simultaneously but separately. This negotiation process is often used post-mediation to bring resolution to litigation matters that may not have settled in mediation due to timing issues or other factors. Virtual Negotiation is also effective in non-litigation matters where there are very limited issues involved.


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