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Covenant Mediation Services, is an Atlanta metro- based conflict resolution organization that provides clients quality conflict resolution services. Covenant Mediation Services has successfully settled more than 190 Million dollars in claims and assisted thousands of individuals to peacefully resolve cases involving assets, real property, and custody. Covenant Mediation offers mediation in the traditional in person format as well as and Virtual Mediation. 

Our Services

Our Servuces
Injury Mediation

Litigation involving any type of personal injury claim can be stressful and exhausting. Many of these cases can be resolved in mediation without the expense and time of a trial. 

Virtual Negotiation & Conflict Coaching 

Conflict is inevitable and stressful. Coaching can help you build skills to resolve conflict in your own life.

Domestic Relations Mediation

Going through a divorce is one of the top 5 most stressful life events and is one of the most challenging experiences a person will ever endure. 

Two Men in Office
Contracts & Business Mediation

Disputes over contract terms are very common in our society. Whether the dispute is over a home insurance policy or partnership agreement, Covenant Mediation is here is help.


“Thank-you Christina for the exemplary and professional manner in which you conducted our mediation. While I did not expect any movement in our case, you were instrumental in the two sides being able to agree to even a little bit. ”

Injury Attorney

Atlanta, GA

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